Fine Art Prints

"I particularly admire the quality of his fine prints. Without the rich tonalities and crisp details, these images would not be such a pleasure to view."

Don Sanders (Art Collector)


Fine Art Prints of the Photographs presented are available in limited editions (all sizes included). They are numbered, signed and have been dry marked using the author seal.

The FA Print numbering is limited from Single Original up to 30 (all sizes included).

These prints are made using the technology Digigraphie by EPSON. They are made by (or under the supervision of) the Photographer. For formats larger than 17"x22", additional delays and shipping restrictions may occur.

The process, papers and inks used guarantee permanence ratings exceeding 200 years (cf. Wilhelm-Research for details). Depending on the photograph, the prints are made on matte 100% coton RAG (acid-free) paper or on "baryta like exhibition" paper; the minimal paper weight is 260gsm. Each FA Print sale is accompanied by a certificate of property (note sale) signed by the author and specifying the exploitation rights. The prints are subject to the French Intellectual Property Code (Law No. 92-597 of 1 July 1992).

Selected Photographs

Limited editions Prints are available at the e-SHOP including a selection of photographs. A complete galery of Photographs is available for potential buyer, web access on request.
The prices of the FA Prints depend on sizes and the total edition numbers (between single original and 30).
FA Prints are sold unmounted.

Selection of Photographs available online - visit e-SHOP