Christophe Vermare, French photographer born in 1971, enjoys shifted projection of the reality. Along his university curriculum, he discovered, via the "modern physics theories", some thinking approaches close to his personal feelings. Observations considered more as projection of the "reality" biased by the observer brain and less as absolute facts. He likes the simple idea that everyone is distorting the reality around him since he may affect the reality perception of others. This influence depending on the intensity of one believes and dreams.


Grandson and son in a Nudist family, Nudity surrounds him since his younger age. His attractiveness for the female bodies and their regular proximities have started, very soon, to induce visions. Always strong, blurry most of the time, these visions have grown, fed by his imagination needs - as it is more important to believe to have seen than "really" saw something.

Frequency and intensity of the visions increase, pushed by their volunteer to exist: Why these weighty forms, these curly reflections, all those curvatures oscillations inducing flows of emotions submerging the mind? Anne, his wife today, will not give any precise answers but she will reduce to its extreme thinness the frontier between perception and imagination.

Then, the use of a camera will transform the vision gathering in quest and Anne in Muse.

Prints & Obsession

Some lights on some forms, Christophe tries to save these frequent but brief instants. It is all about the women body but these visions don't sustain the loneliness of the subject; some life around is required - living Nudity is wanted - some objects, a sequence of plans able to change with the view angle. And contrast, lines, structures all are fine at least if they get organized! Composition becomes the metronome, the timekeeper - catching a vision is nonsense but slowing it down is an obsession.

The prints accumulate, they get organized, classified, gathered into series. Few themes share the space, but there is always a question of distance. Physically of course but also psychological: between all feelings or education and social codes. The emotions are found somewhere in between two ideas, two tendencies... a distance must exist in order to better apprehend both side, better guess and protect the dream existence. With camera help and the magic abstraction of the Black&White the search continues, the movement needs to be kept slow,

"les Femmes sont belles..." emotions are here.